ISS 1161 Final Exam



Chapter 7


Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication - SIX ELEMENTS


Non-Verbal Commmunication




Paul Ekman's research on facial expression


Norms that govern the display of emotions


Eye Contact








Characteristics of good communication skills




Effective listening


Communication apprehension


Eric Bern's theories




Motivational distortion


Styles of Managing conflict









Chapter 8






Resource exchange


Physical attractiveness research


Matching Hypothesis


Evolutionary Psychologist's explanation of seeking a mate


Personality Similarity and Marriage


Social exchange theory


Sternberg's theory of love


Exchange and communal relationships


Research on Friendship


Gender differences in same-gender friendships


Myths about falling in love


Hazan and Shaver's research on attachment

1. Secure

2. Avoidant

3. Anxious-ambivalent


Bartholomew’s modified model of attachment


Research on loneliness and shyness




Chapter 9


Factors in marital success


Trends in age of first marriage


Factors affecting commitment in marriage


Challenges to traditional model of marriage


Gender differences on desired qualities of marital partners


Stimulus-value-role theory


Attributions of distressed spouses



Chapter 10


Distinction between sex and gender


Gender roles


Gender stereotypes


Gender differences in various abilities


Gender differences in aggression


Economic discrimination against women



Chapter 12


Predictors of Occupational Status


Occupational Interest Inventories and What they tell you


Criticisms of Occupational Inventories


Holland's theories of vocational choice



Chapter 13


Issues in sexuality research


Sexual identity


Body image


Sexual orientation


Children's attitudes towards sex


Results of open communication between parents and children about sex


Sources of sexual informaton


Research findings on exposure to erotic materials and pornography


Well know sexuality researchers


Sexual communication between partners


Gender differences in sexual socialization


Gender differences in sexual response



Chapter 14


Threats to societal health


Chronic diseases


Environmental toxins


Characteristics of Type A behavior and health


Stress and the immune system


Explanations for self-destructive behavior


Smoking and health


Effects of alcohol on behavior


The need to take increased amounts of a drug for the same effect


Personality factors in reporting more symptoms of illnesses