Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

The Therapeutic Process



View of Human Nature

The A-B-C theory

Irrational Ideas

Aaron Beckís Cognitive Therapy (CT)

taught or interpreted by the therapist

Theory, Goals & Principles of CT

essential to focus on the cognitive content of an individualís reaction to

the upsetting event or stream of thoughts

the core schemata and begin to introduce the idea of schema restructuring

stimuli that lead to emotional responses

CTís Cognitive Distortions

CTís Cognitive Triad

1. Client holds negative view of themselves

2. Selective abstraction: Client has tendency to interpret experiences

in a negative manner

3. Client has a gloomy vision and projections about the future

Donald Meichenbaumís Cognitive Behavior Modification (CBM)

feel, and behave, and what impact they have on others

Meichenbaumís CBM

Behavior Change & Coping (CBM)

1. Self-observation

2. Starting a new internal dialogue

3. Learning new skills

1. The conceptual phase

2. Skills acquisition and rehearsal phase

3. Application and follow-through phase

Constructivist Narrative Perspective

author their own stories