Long ago my heart was committed,

Only for beauty, wisdom, friendship true to love.

Rich with knowledge of her, she

Is my transcendent love, my true friend,

And love glows bright and sweet within her.

No painful legacy can dim that light.

Does truth cease its ceaseless

Resilient climb to flaming beauty?

Only time’s release and care’s warm resonance

Brought unbounded, one heart to another

Can feed that flame and be unconsumed.

Why is this?

Can I will her to bid it welcome,

Let go, drift in the currents

Of love’s buoyant ultimate acceptance?

Immersed in the deathless eternal radiance,

Her true self revealed, there is

No barrier that can hide what she deserves.

She floats, embraced in love,

Her heart free, her love unbounded;

Flaming forth unconsumed,

Beyond illusion, beyond pain,

Beyond fear, beyond doubt…..

She is ever bright, ever golden.







Pensive Beauty, do you hear the music inside?
All those symphonies I see, to you pass unheard.
The lover reads a different staff than you derive.

You dance rings of wind, swept into the tide
of your pain, your song wails like a crying bird.
Pensive Beauty, do you hear the music inside?

You swim in dark waters, murky and wide,
flailing, sinking; a heavy stone in a life deferred.
The lover reads a different staff than you derive.

Like Michaelangelo's creations released
you could hear those symphonies interred.
Pensive Beauty, do you hear the music inside?

The art is in the stone, your heart the guide.
We cut the marble with sharply sculpted words.
The lover reads a different staff than you derive.

Your need must will your heart and, if you decide,
your morning song will be a concert, not a dirge.
Pensive Beauty, do you hear the music inside?
The lover reads a different staff than you derive.












Not All


We speak in terms of days and weeks,

we’ll be together soon,

and yet I think of her beyond millennia,

feel about her beyond millions.

No finite time could be enough to explore

the ceaseless joy of loving her.

Have we always been together?

She is love beyond time,

she is the renewing luminescence.


There is no answer except in what she is.

A soul so tender the wind cries,

a soul whose brightness the stars envy,

a soul so caring and wondrous in curiosity,

the philosophers smile.

So ask not why, but how could I not?

Not love her with all the dimension,

all the care, all the sweetness my soul can exude.

Her fair aspect is an aspect of the greater love itself,

and so it draws love to itself,

love beyond time, love beyond love,

love beyond fear, love beyond pain,

love beyond all that is beyond.

That is why, and that is how,

but that is not, and never will be,










For Lori, whose essence is Light


I come to her on wings of air,

heart aloft, head puncturing the clouds,

swimming in the currents openly;

crescendos of wind, music echoing,

the reverberations bearing me ever forward.

From on high I fly toward the light,

drawn to its illumination,

its essence animates my flight.

Sometimes as I approach,

it grows dim, withdrawing into itself,

shielding its rays from the brushing of air

from beating wings----

as if its incandescence could be consumed

in the backwash of flight.

But it cannot be contained in the wind of flight,

nor can any backwash consume it.

It is the essence of flight, the creator of clouds,

it bursts forth in swirling crescendos,

it is the vortex of wind,

The companion of flight.








 Goodnight, My Sweet Darling


Goodnight My sweet darling,

May the forces of love

Embrace you as you sleep,

And guard your sweet soul,

Kiss away any fear,

Lift your burdens and

Fill you with sweet sparking light.

In wonder my heart is full;

In contemplation of your sweet being

I reach for you in my thoughts,

Thoughts that kiss you from head to foot,

 Envelop all your facets,

Love you completely---

Deeply in every cell, every molecule,

Every atom, every frequency of your

Ancient resonant energy,

Untied in joyful clarity,

We are part of the same.

You are my love beyond love,

My blessed connection----

Rest your sweet soul on

Cascades of love,

Immerse your being in golden light.

Throughout time and change and illusion,


I will love you the more.