Common Rationalizations for not Changing Patterns of Physical Care



Common Rationalizations for not Changing Patterns of Physical Care


  1. I don't have time to exercise each day_______
  2. No matter how I try to lose weight, nothing seems to work_____
  3. I sabotage myself, and others sabotage me, in my attempts to lose weight______
  4. I'll stop smoking soon_______
  5. When I have a vacation, I'll relax________
  6. I need to drink or take drugs to relax ________
  7. Food isn't important to me, I'll eat anything I can get fast______
  8. I simply don't have time to eat three balanced meals a day________
  9. Food has gotten so expensive, I can't afford to eat three balanced meals a day_______
  10. If I stop smoking, I'll surely gain weight__________
  11. I simply cannot function without several cups of coffee__________
  12. If I stop smoking, I might get lung cancer or die a little sooner, but we all have to go sometime_____



What other statements do you sometimes use that you could add to this list?





    Complete the following sentence with the first word that comes to mind:


  1. One way I abuse my body is_____________________________________________.
  2. One way I neglect my body is____________________________________________.
  3. When people notice my physical appearance, I think that________________________.
  4. When I look at my body in the mirror, I_____________________________________.
  5. I could be healthier if only________________________________________________.
  6. One way I could cut down stress in my life is _________________________________.
  7. If I could change one aspect of my body, it would be my_________________________.
  8. One way that I relax is___________________________________________________.
  9. I'd describe my diet as___________________________________________________.
  10. For me exercising is_____________________________________________________.


What changes, if any do you want to make and what initial steps should you take_________________________________________


Do you get enough good quality sleep?___________________________________


Do you get enough exercise?__________________________________________


Do you have a healthy diet?____________________________________________


Do you want to make any changes to these health related areas? What are they?__________________________________________