Final Exam Review CLP 1006


Chapter 8


Characteristics of interpersonal effectiveness

Prisoner’s dilemma

Win-Win outcomes, when and when not

“Being Right”

Aspects of conflict resolution

Nature of forgiveness

Aspects of anger

Attribution theory of emotions

Type A personality and health

Overcoming anger

Aspects of feedback

Emotional bank accounts



Chapter 9 and 10


Effective listening

Time and memory for what is heard

Empathic listening


Nature of helpful feedback

Non-verbal behavior and incongruence


Passive, aggressive, assertive, and passive-aggressive styles

Empathic assertion

Perceptions checks

“I language”

When to express your opinion in a group



Chapters 11-14


Holland’s six personality orientations and occupations which go with them

Steps to deciding on a career


Effective resumes

Important factors in getting a job



Number one reason people get fired

Define personality

McClelland’s theory of motivation and needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Determining which needs are operating