Journal Samples






Black Miami in The 20th Century


Black Ceasar

Main crop of the Florida Keys in early period

"The Brown Wilt"

Characteristics of Slavery Under the Seminoles

Primary roles of blacks with the Seminoles

History of Mangoes in Dade County

Who was Charles Peacock and what did he do?

Charlotte Jane Memorial Cemetery

William Brickell

Julia Tuttle

Know basic history of founding of Coconut Grove, Miami, and Lemon City

Henry Flagler and his hotels and his railroads

What happened in the racial incident of 1898?

D.A. Dorsey

Florence Gaskins

Black - Owned Newspapers

Famous buildings in Overtown

First public High School for blacks

Marcus Garvey movement

The Great Hurricane

The 1928 report on the Miami Police Department

Voters who voted to incorporate city of Miami in 1896

J&S Building

First black doctor appointed to Florida Department of Health

Early requirements for immigrants

Characteristics of educational system for blacks in early days

Early Black Churches

The Kier Case

The 1968 riots

Who was Willie T. Jones

The Lafleur Incident

McDuffie Trial and Riot

Nevel Johnson Case

Community Psychology


Significant changes in the 1950's

Eyesenck's view of therapy

Birthplace of Community Psychology

Reasons for development of Community Psychology

Primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention

Characteristics of a "sense of community"

Person-environment fit

Ecological perspective

Planned and unplanned social change

Growth of Private Foundations

What do private foundations fund?

Cost effectiveness

Sliding scales

Fear of technology

Participatory decision-making

Change agents

"Cognitive miser"

Saul Alinsky

Confrontative change

Networking, Umbrella organizations, clearinghouses

Action Research

What causes burnout?


Characteristics that promote social activism

Grass roots activism

Research by Medway and Updike (1985) and Weed (1990)

Purpose of Information Dissemination

Policy Science