Chapter 7


 To succeed, you need to find

something to hold on to,

something to motivate you,

something to inspire you.


Tony Dorsett, Athlete




Learning Objectives

      Contrast intrinsic motivation with extrinsic motivation.


      Describe how to distinguish needs from wants.


      Explain why needs motivate our behavior.


      Cite ways to overcome fear of failure.


      Cite ways to overcome fear of success.


      Describe visualization and how it can boost motivation.


Understanding Motivation

      Motivation  The force that moves you to action.


      Positive Motivation  The drive to do something because it will move you toward a goal. Examples?


      Negative Motivation  The drive to do something in order to avoid negative consequences.  Examples?


Success Secret

      Look for ways to motivate yourself.



Positive and Negation Motivation

Sources of Motivation

Understanding Incentives

      Incentive  A reward offered in order to motivate a person to do something.



      Why Incentives Fail

     Incentives are usually only effective if they reinforce motivation that comes from the inside.


Success Secret

      The motivation for self-improvement comes from the inside.


Needs, Wants, and Motivation

      Need  Something you must have in order to survive and thrive.


      Want  Something you can survive and thrive without.


      If you have trouble deciding whether something is a want or a need, ask yourself:


       Will I be satisfied after I get this, or will I want something more?

       Am I hoping that this will boost my self-esteem?

       Am I hoping that this will take away a painful feeling, such as loneliness, sadness, rejection, loss, or emptiness?


     If something does not truly satisfy you physically or psychologically, it is probably a want, not a need.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs 2

Hierarchy of Needs 3

      Social Needs (belongingness) Fulfilling relationships with others.


      Esteem Needs  To be happy and successful, people need to feel that they are valuable and worthwhile.


      Competence  The ability to do something well helps your esteem needs.


Success Secret

      Our self-esteem continues to grow as we set new goals and strive to achieve them.

Hierarchy of Needs 4

      Self-Actualization Needs  Reaching your full potential and achieving long-term personal growth.


      Autonomy  Freedom of choice, independence, and the chance to exercise independent judgment.


Activity 37:  Are Your Needs Being Met?

Recharging Your Motivation

      Fear  An unpleasant feeling of anxiety caused by the anticipation of danger.


      Desire  A conscious drive to attain a satisfying goal.


      The Importance of Desire  Out of desire comes the energy and will to succeed.


Success Secret

      Desire and self-discipline keep you going along the tough road to your goals.


Overcoming Fear of Failure

      Accept Your Fear  Realize everyone, even highly successful people fear failure.


      Expand Your Comfort Zone  Move out of your comfort zone bit by bit—taking slow, small steps that are challenging.


      Rethink Failure  Failure is part of success. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed in the past. It only matters that you are willing to try again.


     Activity 38: Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Overcoming Fear of Success

Fighting Your Fears 

      Examine your thoughts and feelings that might be holding you back to discover ways to overcome them.


      “Even if I succeed, I still won’t be happy.” 

     Reexamine your vision of success


      “I won’t be able to live up to the expectations.”

     Ask yourself if you have unrealistic expectations of yourself that are undermining your determination?


      “The minute I achieve success I’ll probably blow it.”

     Give yourself permission to try new things, be creative and make mistakes.

Overcoming Fear of Success continued…

      “The more successful you are, the more people dislike you.”

     Turn that fear around and imagine how your success might inspire others.


      “Everyone will think I’m stuck up.”

     Build a support network of people who appreciate and love you for who you are.


      “I don’t want to step all over people to get ahead.”

     True success does not require exploiting others.


    Personal Journal 7.2 Confronting Fear of Success

Visualization and Success

      Visualization  The process of creating detailed mental pictures of the behaviors you wish to carry out.


      Imagination  The creative power of the mind.


Success Secret

      Use your imagination to see yourself as the person you want to become!

Visualization and Success continued…

      Focus on the Positive

    As you visualize, notice and dispute negative thoughts with positive affirmations.


    Activity 39: Visualizing Success


Success Secrets

      Use visualization to harness the power of the subconscious mind.


      Visualize yourself succeeding and you will succeed.