Peak Performance:
Success In College And Beyond

Chapter 9: Express Yourself In Writing And Speech

Chapter Objectives

•      Explain the five-step writing process (prepare, organize, write, edit, and review) for developing effective papers and speeches

•      Research information through the library and online

•      Utilize strategies for giving effective presentations

•      Overcome speech anxiety

Success Principle 9


not perfection.

The Importance Of Writing And Speaking


“The ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, is the most important skill you will ever acquire.”

The Writing Process

1. Prepare

2. Organize

3. Write

4. Edit

5. Review

Prepare For Writing

•             Set a schedule

•             Choose a general topic

•             Determine your purpose

•             Do preliminary reading and research

•             Narrow your topic


Prepare For Writing


•             Write a thesis statement

•             Take notes

•             Don’t just cut and paste

•             Prepare a bibliography


•             Develop an outline

•             Do in-depth research

•             Revise your outline


•             Write the introduction

•             Write the main body

•             Write the conclusion

•             Go to the writing center


•             Revise

•             Revise again

•             Confer with your instructor

•             Prepare your final draft

•             Cite your sources

•             Number your pages

•             Add a title page


•             Final review

•             Make a copy

•             Present your paper or speech on time

•             Assess and evaluate

Using The Library For Research

•      Books

•      Periodicals

•      Reference materials

Taking Your Search Online

Evaluating online information

•      Is the author clearly identified?

•      Is the author affiliated with an organization?

•      Is there a link back to the organization?

•      Are the purposes of the page clear?

•      Is it geared for a particular audience?

Taking Your Search Online

•      What is the primary purpose of the page?

•      Is the page part of a peer-reviewed publication?

•      Does the domain name provide clues about the source of the page?

•      Does the site provide details that support the data?

•      Is there a bibliography?

Public Speaking Strategies

•             Understand the occasion

•             Think about your topic

•             Know your audience

•             Get the audience’s attention

•             Get the audience involved

•             Look at the audience

Public Speaking Strategies

•             Outline your speech

•             Write a good conclusion

•             Develop visuals

•             Prepare your prompters

•             Practice

Public Speaking

•             Relax

•             Watch your time

•             Be in the present

•             Avoid unnecessary words

•             Review your performance

Overcome speech anxiety

•           Practice

•           Dispute irrational thoughts

•           Use affirmations

•           Visualize success

•           Consciously relax your muscles

•           Breathe

Peak Performance:
Success In College And Beyond

Chapter 9: Express Yourself In Writing And Speech