Community Psychology Senior Lab


CYP 4953

Garden Schedule
Basic Principles of Counseling
Mid-Term Review
This course is a study of the application of psychological knowledge to positive change in the community. In addition, it is a direct application of this knowledge. Each student will be placed in a semester-long internship at a mental health related community placement, as well as approaching the discipline of Community Psychology from an academic viewpoint along with a community action and service approach. To view some research this department has done on community issues, click one of these links. Welfare Reform and Haitian-Americans in Dade County or Racial Disparities in Florida Welfare Reform.

To the left is a photograph of the FIU Overtown Community Garden. This Garden was built and is maintained by our students. Each student fulfills part of the course requirements by working in the Garden. For more images of the Overtown Community Garden CLICK HERE. I can be reached at my office phone 305-348-3466 or by email at Click Here to Email me.


"Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited
while imagination embraces the entire world."
-Albert Einstein

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